Navigating Social Security and Medicare Benefits with an Australian Visa

Zhanna Heenan

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In Australia, social security encompasses a range of welfare payments disbursed by the Australian Government to qualified Australian citizens, permanent residents, and a select group of international visitors. These benefits are primarily managed by Centrelink, which operates under the umbrella of Services Australia. The allocation of most of these welfare payments is determined through specific eligibility criteria and means testing.

Embarking on a journey to Australia, whether temporarily or permanently, brings forth the question of eligibility for social security and Medicare benefits. The answer hinges significantly on the type of visa you possess.

Permanent Visa Holders: A Gateway to Benefits

If you’re the bearer of a permanent visa, you’re in luck with Medicare, thanks to the Health Insurance Act 1973. However, when it comes to social security payments, a residency waiting period often stands between you and potential benefits. This waiting period varies based on the specific social security benefit in question.

Following this, it’s important to understand the variety of social security support types available and their typical waiting periods for permanent visa holders:

Exceptions do exist, offering immediate relief to certain groups. For instance, individuals with protection and humanitarian visas bypass the waiting period altogether, as do single parents seeking Parenting Payments, JobSeeker, or Youth Allowance.

Temporary Visa Holders: Limited Access with Conditions

The landscape changes for temporary visa holders, where eligibility for social security becomes more restrictive and conditional. Exceptions include:

Medicare access for temporary visa holders is confined to specific categories, such as the Skilled Work Regional Provisional (subclass 491) and Temporary Protection (subclass 785) visas, among others. Notably, being the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen or permanent resident can also grant Medicare eligibility.

Bridging Visa Holders: Conditional Benefits

For those on bridging visas, Special Benefit access is reserved for holders of Bridging Visa F (subclass 060) and Bridging Visa R (subclass 070), contingent on demonstrating financial hardship. Medicare eligibility broadens to include illegal maritime arrivals on a Bridging E visa and those awaiting a decision on a permanent visa application, provided they have work rights and familial ties to Australian citizens or permanent residents.

For specific advice on your Medicare and Social Security benefits eligibility, we recommend contacting Services Australia.



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