Darren and Nguyet

Yes, it is very overwhelming when you have a look at the Home affairs website and see a whole heap of codes and subclasses for different types of Visas and have no idea where to begin. I did what most did and googled “Migration Agent Canberra”. Heenan and Browne were the top return result and the best user reviews. We found the initial consultation was very helpful to understand what was involved in the process and instantly after talking with Zhanna, we had more clarity on the application process

Yes, it The A4 page of questions I brought to the consultation were all answered and this helped in confirming our choice with H&B. Price was a little higher compared to the other agents, however I can confidently say the price was reflected by the work and knowledge Heenan and Browne invest. Zhanna who was looking after our application, was very knowledgeable, attentive and responsive to all our questions and needs. My wife and I felt we were looked after by Zhanna and the team throughout the whole process of the Offshore Subclass 309 Partner Visa application. I may add that it was approved 5 months later :)


Being represented by a professional and highly recognised agent made us feel confident that the application would get processed accurately and within a timely matter. Thanks again Zhanna and the H&B team for making our dream come true.


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