Sash DeMiane

I ended up talking to Clint and Zhanna very late evenings, simply because of my work routine and they were very understanding. I will highlight few things, simply to make the case clear to those who are looking not just a case migration agent but a great companion and loyal representative of your interests, no matter what is that could be (Partner, business or any other type of migration): 1) Our case was - Partner migration with a very positive outcome, but about this later; 2) we went through couple of consultations with different agents. Some of them from massive agencies, but first consult with Zhanna made it very clear to us, these are the people who will present our interests the best possible way. She carefully listened to our life story and suggested some options, later we received a customised quote and after agreement was signed, we received a tailor-made check list, where we realised how many things we could of missed by just looking into Gov website; P.S. btw pricing was very compitible compared to other agencies, and very good and reasonable system of payments. 3) Clint and Zhanna, were very helpful and supportive through entire process - very prompt and consistent with work and most important very attentive to small details, making sure that all information is correct.

4) they have a great online tool for collection of all the materials, which made our life easier, and every single document was checked by them to ensure it represents all necessary legal requirements and excercised accordingly. 5) we lodged our Partner application in late October 2017 and my wife came to Australia on Visitor visa mid of December, and in January 2018 we have received a letter from immigration advising that they are completing our Partner visa application and my wife needs to be offshore to get a final decision, so we quickly booked a flight for a short trip to our home country and few days later after she left the country we got a Notification of Visa Grant (Partner Visa) Just to finish up, we couldn't be more grateful to Clint and Zhanna for their endless support with visa process and very unexpected quick turnaround (within less than three months and we got our Partner Visa). We wouldn't be able to do this on our own, as not realising it at first - this process requires absolute patience and so much attention to details. You guys, help change lifes' and ours wasn't an exception. Thank you thank you thank you! Only warmest regards, Val and Sash


It was an absolute pleasure to deal with true professionals and simply amazing human beings.


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