These guys are amazing who deserve to be recognized for their excellent work. H&B have set up our new life and will be remembered for the rest of our lives. My wife and I cannot thank you enough and really appreciate your professional service. We decided to go straight for these guys because we had contacted a few migration agents, only H&B returned our call after a few short minutes and straight away, we knew that this was the one. Some other places we called still to this day have not returned our call! And here we are with a GRANTED PARTNER VISA! :) Having this team guide us every step of the way was a blessing, we literally asked hundreds of questions along the way and they knew all the answers, they are truly impressive and made us feel comfortable, they know the culture, religion, values, and traditions! They understand people’s circumstances and know how stressful this process can be, and they took away all those stresses and guided us through the dark tunnel into a shining light! My wife and I found the beginning was a nightmare trying to get started; we were lost and confused like most people as seen from online forums/blogs. Even though I am halfway through my law degree, I still had no clue which approach was suitable for us!Especially with the ongoing new changes, the name alone; with the Department of Immigration and Border Control or Force or Protection, oh wait, and now its Department of Home Affairs. Like seriously! Thank God we did not need to worry about those things because we were in good hands. They took care of those things that could have driven us crazy, Please use these guys if you are: Stressful and have a busy schedule 'Picky' about choosing the right migration agents(You will not be disappointed) Lost and do not know where to start Have many unanswered questions Want to submit an application and start a life whether it is with a spouse, or any other Visa lodgement Because these guys are skilled professionals who can truly help you achieve your desires and provide assistance in everything you need.

My wife and I needed a break, and we were so very lucky to find Heenan and Browne. I really hope you continue to help people, as you have truly changed our lives. Our families are in shock because of how quickly we got the Visa! We first spoke with Zhanna and had our consultation to which a series of questions were asked, it was very comfortable and she disclosed that she was a registered migration agent, and she came across as a very hard working person and very passionate about her career, she honestly did a fantastic job. She was committed to doing her absolute best for us. The results speak for itself. We lodged our Partner Visa on the 20th December 2017 just before the holiday season and my wife was granted a Visa on 27th March 2018. In total it took 3 months and 1 week, we were shocked! We did not even need to have interviews because our case officer had everything they needed. We hope that people who are reading this consider my recommendation, I highly recommend them 100% We really enjoyed your services and will be using you guys in helping us with the Citizenship process for my wife in the near future. It feels great knowing that we have a highly skilled team of professionals with a range of services available for guidance and who are always there for us. We are so happy and thankful, and my wife is over the moon! We would like to say a special Thank you to the administration, also to Clinton Heenan, absolutely great work


. Thank you to Jason Browne cannot wait to use your services again. And finally to Zhanna Stolyarchuk, as soon as our visa was granted, we heard from her minutes later, it did not matter what time of the day it was because she was so excited too, and goes to show how truly passionate she is about seeing the life-changing events of the people she has helped. A HUGE THANK YOU, to you all. We hope to see you guys as soon as we arrive in Canberra. Our Kind Regards, Z & Z


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