5 Tips for Settling in a New Country Successfully

Zhanna Heenan

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Uprooting your entire life and moving to a new country is extremely daunting, even if it’s for a good reason. Many immigrants who move to a new country for a better life often find adjusting to a new culture difficult, making their experience far less than satisfactory.

So much emphasis is placed on getting a visa for the country you’re planning to move to, organizing the flight tickets and accommodation and packing for your move that the real hurdles of moving to a new country are often forgotten. These include feelings of otherness, isolation, culture shock and loneliness, all made worse if you have a language barrier. Whether you’re moving due to work, to build a better future for your family or to experience something different, having the right tools can help you settle in much faster.

And if you’re looking for a registered migration agent in Brisbane to help you get your visa, Heenan & Brown Visa Migration Services can help you navigate complex migration requirements so you can legally work, study, live and travel in Australia. But for this blog, we will discuss how migrants can integrate better into a new country, whether that country is Australia or elsewhere.

The sooner you accept that things in your chosen country will be different from the country you’ve left behind, the sooner you’ll be able to adjust to your new life. You will repeatedly have to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, whether good or bad or just different from what you’re used to. People will have different opinions and ways of living, and even the laws and customs will differ from what’s familiar to you. For many people, accepting so many changes at once can be challenging, and they fall into the trap of overthinking and regretting their decision to move. Embracing the differences.

Attempt to learn the language of the locals. A major reason why the feelings of isolation and loneliness creep up is due to a language barrier. If you step out of the house and nobody around you speaks your language, you have no one to converse with, or you’re unable to read the signage, it can leave you feeling lost. If you’re completely new to the language and culture, look for classes or courses that can teach you the basics of conversation in the new language. From there, you can learn by interacting more with the locals. It is easy to stick with an expat community or with those who speak a common language, but learning the local language will make it easier to communicate with those who may not speak yours.

If you’ve moved to a new country but are sticking with a circle of expats or those who speak your language, you may be doing yourself a big disservice. Make new friends from all kinds of cultures, as doing so can expand your worldview and allow you to see things from different points of view. Moreover, having a good social circle around you can help combat loneliness and isolation.

Try heading to your local library or the parks around you, volunteer at community services or charities, or become a member of clubs to help you find more people who may have similar interests to you.

The easiest way of getting used to your surroundings is to be in those surroundings as much as possible! In the first year, take as much time as you can to explore your city, be a part of local events and scope out hidden gems in the city. Nothing can make you feel more part of a culture or people than by visiting the joints they visit and being an active participant in the community.

Feelings of homesickness and otherness can creep up at any time, no matter how well-assimilated you are in the community. Modern technology has made it easier to keep in touch with loved ones back home. In the initial days, regularly keeping in touch with what’s familiar to you, your family and friends can make it easier to combat homesickness and the fear of missing out. And if the feelings get to be too much and you find they’re starting to interfere with your new life, remember, your family is just a flight away!

Whether you’ve arrived with a partner visa to Australia, as a student or a work visa holder, paying attention to the above tips can help you settle in more seamlessly. And if you’re still looking for visa pathways to migrate to Australia, you know who to call: Heenan & Brown Visa Migration Services, a leading Australian based provider of visa and citizenship services.



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