AMEP: English Language Success for Australia’s Migrants.

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In the vibrant mosaic of Australian society, effective communication is the key to unlocking a world of opportunities. For migrants and humanitarian entrants, the journey to success in Australia begins with mastering the English language. The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) offers a cornerstone of support, providing essential language skills for seamless integration into Australian life.

Why AMEP Matters: Bridging Cultures Through Language

AMEP offers a comprehensive, free service aimed at helping eligible migrants and humanitarian entrants with limited English proficiency. The program’s goal is twofold: facilitating active participation in Australian society and smoothing the settlement process. English proficiency is crucial for employment, social engagement, and accessing vital services, making AMEP an invaluable step towards a fulfilling life in Australia.

Key Features of AMEP: Beyond Language Learning

– Free Childcare Support: AMEP acknowledges the challenges of balancing learning and parenting by providing free childcare for participants, ensuring no one is left behind.

– Comprehensive Assistance: Beyond language classes, AMEP assists with accessing free childcare services, removing barriers to participation.

– Mutual Obligation Compliance: For those on Centrelink, AMEP offers a pathway to meet mutual obligation requirements, integrating language learning with social support mechanisms.

Are you Eligible for AMEP?

Recent enhancements to AMEP have expanded access for migrants and humanitarian entrants in Australia with minimal English skills:

– Unlimited English Classes: Continue learning until you reach vocational English proficiency, regardless of previous enrolment or length of residence in Australia.

– No More 510-Hour Limit: The previous cap on study hours is removed, allowing for continuous learning towards vocational proficiency.

– Expanded Eligibility: Permanent visa holders, eligible temporary visa holders, and Australian citizens (formerly permanent visa holders) can apply, along with their dependents. Visit amep-eligible-temporary-visas to access the full list of AMEP-eligible temporary visas.

Finding AMEP Providers: Locations and Providers

With around 300 locations nationwide, including major cities, regional hubs, and remote areas, finding an AMEP provider is straightforward. The program also offers a Distance Learning option for those unable to attend in person.

To locate your nearest AMEP service provider and check your eligibility, visit AMEP Providers and Locations.

For more detailed information about the Adult Migrant English Program and how it can facilitate your integration into Australian society, read this amep-learn-english-for-free-factsheet.



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