Australia needs Doctors & Nurses.

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Health Workforce Australia predicts that Australia will face a shortfall of 109,000 nurses and 2,700 doctors by 2025. The industry is expected to grow faster than any other industry over the next five years (Industry Employment Projections 2015, Department of Employment). The majority of these positions would be located in rural Australia and in areas requiring specialised skills.

Work-life balance

Australia offers a healthy work-life balance, high living standards, and a warm climate all year round. Australian medical professionals are among the highest paid in the world. Nationalities working in healthcare are diverse and multicultural, with more than half of GPs one and a third of nurses working in Australia born overseas. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, Doctors, and Nurses). Dr. Michael Sheridan, a UK-trained doctor, states that “Australian staffing levels are the aspiration of the rest of the world, a gold standard. For a trainee doctor, Australia is an easier option because of the support and training opportunities you get.” (Guardian, 28 December 2013).

Visa Options

Whether you want to migrate to Australia permanently or temporarily, or whether you are in Australia already, there is a visa to suit you. You can come to Australia independently and look for work, or arrange a job with an employer before you come to Australia. Medical professionals need not have studied in Australia to qualify for a visa to work in Australia.

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