Everything You Need to Know About the Subclass 864 Aged Parent Visa

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Your parents are currently in Australia, and you want them to stay here permanently? You may want to consider the Subclass 864 Aged Parent visa in Australia. It is designed for elderly parents wishing to join their children in  Australia on a permanent basis.

This blog will discuss the Aged Parent Visa subclass 864 in detail, including the requirements, limitations, and challenges.

What is a Contributory Aged Parent visa – Subclass 864?

As its name suggests, the Parent Visa 864 was carefully designed for the elderly, in particular, those who have reached Australian pension age and whose children have been living in Australia  lawfully for at least two years. The children must be Australian  permanent residents or citizens. Parents of eligible New Zealand citizens, who reside in Australia, are also eligible for this visa subclass.

What is the difference between Subclass 864  aged parent visa and a regular Subclass 804 aged parent visa?

The Aged Parent Visa 864 is a contributory type of Australian parent visa. The difference between a regular aged parent visa and a contributory aged parent visa is that the processing of a contributory aged parent visa application is given priority over that of a regular, non-contributory, aged parent visa application. Hence, the contributory visa costs are significantly higher than the costs for the non-contributory one.

What are the benefits of applying for the Subclass 864 visa?

The holder of a  Contributory Aged Parent Subclass 864  visa is entitled to several benefits, such as living in Australia indefinitely and having access to the Australian government healthcare system.  It is important to note that parent visa holders are initially not eligible for the age or disability pension in Australia as they are subject to a 10-year residence requirement. There are exceptions to this requirement in some compelling and compassionate circumstances.

What Are the Requirements For The Subclass 864 Aged Parent Visa?

While parent visa applicants may expect several benefits, they need to meet specific requirements to be able to make a valid application for this visa. The candidate’s eligibility to apply for the Aged Parent Visa 864 will not be satisfied if he or she fails to demonstrate evidence confirming the applicant’s eligibility.. Take a look at a handful of the prerequisites in question:

What is the Balance-of-family-test?

The balance of family test assesses a Parent visa applicant’s family links to Australia.

The test measures the extent of the parent’s links to their children or stepchildren in Australia and ensures only those parents with close ties to Australia are eligible for a Parent visa.

A parent will meet the balance of family test if:

This test can not be waived even in compelling or exceptional circumstances.

Who is an ‘eligible child’?

A child is an eligible child if they are:

Subclass 864 Visa Price and Other Prerequisites

Costs for a subclass 864 visa can begin at AUD$47,755. Initial visa application fees may vary. For most parents, the initial application fee of around $4,355 must be paid when lodging the application. Secondary applicants’ initial fees are also due at the time of lodgement and may vary depending on their age and other circumstances. After this, the second payment, due at the time of decision on the application, is $43,600 per parent.

In addition, parent visa sponsors must meet an Assurance of Support (AoS) requirement and pay an Assurance of Support (AoS) bond before the decision on their parent’s visa application can be made,, roughly $14,000 for two applicants.. At the end of 10 years following the applicant’s entry into Australia, the deposit is reimbursed after any outstanding obligations to the Government are deducted.

Currently, the Australian government cannot provide processing times for Contributory Aged Parent visa applications. Due to a large volume of applications being received by the Department of Home Affairs and the fact that applications for these visas are subject to capping and queueing, aged parent visa applicants are likely to see a significant increase in processing times..

Visa Application Procedure for Subclass 864

The applicant for a subclass 864 visa must own a valid passport at the time of application. If not, a new passport should be obtained before applying for a visa.

The next step is to compile supporting documentation as required by the visa. All information supporting an 864 application must be true and relevant.

Subclass 864 visa applications, supporting documents, and payments must be submitted to the Department. Get in touch with Heenan & Browne’s 864 immigration agent in Brisbane to ensure your application is filed correctly. Our visa experts investigate each client’s background in detail to assist with preparing their visa application. We will supply any help that may be needed and ensure your application is complete and decision-ready before it is submitted.

An applicant who has applied for a subclass 864 visa will be acknowledged by the Department after an initial eligibility assessment. This application is for an onshore visa. The application form must be submitted when the candidate is physically present in Australia. The Department notifies applicants of the outcome of their visa applications through an official visa grant letter. Before this visa can be granted, parents will also be required to provide police checks with no major character issues and undergo medical health clearance that is to prove they are free from any serious health conditions.

Perks of The Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 864) 

The Limitations of The Aged Parent Visa (Subclass 864)


If you are an Australian citizen and want to sponsor your parents to live in Australia, you can apply for the subclass 864 Aged Parent visa. This permanent visa allows your parents to make an application while in Australia and to stay in Australia for the duration of their visa application process.  When the visa is granted, parents become Australian permanent residents with great entitlements and benefits.

To achieve the migration outcome you desire for your parents, all these rules and regulations must be addressed as best as possible. Heenan & Browne has professional immigration agents in Brisbane who can assist you with  applying for a parent visa in Australia.

We can also answer any questions about the subclass 864 Aged Parent visa or any other type of visa available in Australia.


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